Tesoro Sand Shark Review

Tesoro Sand Shark Specifications

4 knob mode choices

(pulse, volume, mode, threshold)

PI (pulse induction technology)

Dual operating modes

Comes with lifetime warranty

Uses 8 AA batteries

Coils are interchangeable

Includes Stereo Piezo headphones

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector Amazon

Tesoro Sand Shark Guide

For some metal detector enthusiasts, their preferred option when it comes to treasure hunting is beach and sand searching. It’s especially good if you are targeting busy beaches, as it’s easy to pick up many a valuable find, such as lost rings, and coins. The problem that everything finds with metal detecting in sand is the high concentration of minerals in the sand. This can mean you get many false positive readings, and most of your day is spent just digging up, when there is nothing there.

What really makes the Tesoro Sand Shark stand out is it’s ability to detect at such a great depth level, performing much better than other metal detectors in a similar price range. Although it doesn’t have an uptodate LCD panel, it does have a large degree of flexibility in the settings you can choose with the panel it does have. 4 knobs are included. It is a PI (pulse indication) metal detector, so you can be sure you get some of the best detection rates possible.

PI works differently from the other type of metal detector technology that is used, which is VLF (very low frequency). The critical difference is the discrimination, and depth abilities. With PI, you don’t have the same amount of identification, but you do get the greater depth reception. This is why the Tesoro Sand Shark differs from other metal detectors. The makers have designed it to work in sandy environments, and understand that metal findings can be buried and lost easier in a beach environment than somewhere rural.

Tesoro Sand Shark Settings

Although you might think that with 4 knobs, the Sand Shark doesn’t have much scope for different settings, there is a bit of a learning curve to being able to master the settings that give you the best results. You first start using the metal detector by tuning the mode knob. You have 2 options, and these are the normal all metal mode, or the VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) mode. You will start to hear a humming sound, and this is known as the threshold. Each time that you hear a break in this sound, this is the identification of a potential target. When you have VCO mode enabled the sound and the pitch will change as you find a positive match. With the detector set to normal mode, the only change is the volume of the sound, the tone will remain the same. So to get used to the abilities of the machine, it’s worth first trying it on VCO mode.

Since it’s a PI metal detector, you can also adjust the pulse width. This is how you control the amount of the signal that is transmitted into the ground. As you turn up the dial on this setting, a larger current is applied to any of the metal items found, and so the metal detector will detect them better. Although it might be a no brainer to just crank this setting up as high as possible, you will run the batteries down faster, so it’s up to you to gauge the optimal setting, and the type of performance you can have with this. Turning the knob about 3/4 is probably the best setting, as you bought this machine for it’s depth capacity, so failing to use that capacity doesn’t make sense.

How to use the Tesoro Sand Shark

Similar in use to any other metal detector you should first try a few different metals in your own back yard, and get used to configuring the Sand Shark to give you the best results. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can head off for a glorious day of treasure hunting at the beach. Once you’re there, you should attach the arm rest firmly to your arm, as you’re going to be moving it back and forth, so staying comfortable should be your priority. Then, position the coil horizontal to the sand, and start to move it left and right, overlapping your left and right edges as you walk forward.

Tesoro Sand Shark Accessories

Garrett Metal Sand Scoop

If you’re new to metal detecting on the beach, you’re going to need some different accessories from rural metal detecting. The most important tool you can buy alongside your Tesoro is going to be a Garrett Sand Scoop. This will allow you to quickly sive through sand, as it has a perforated case, and is easy to use in either dry or wet sand. Compared to just a shovel, you’ll be able to pick up and move more sand, and it will be easier to find your new treasure than manually digging out with the trust spade.

Tesoro Sand Shark Manual

You can download the official manual in PDF format here.

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