Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Review

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Specifications

3 detecting modes,
(All metal, full discrimination, tone discrimination)

2 Control knobs for sensitivity and discrimination

Uses 2 x 9 volt alkaline batteries

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Coil size is 8”

Simple Tracker Settings

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Guide

If you’re beginning your new hobby of metal detecting, it can be quite overwhelming where to start, and which metal detector is best for beginners. One which we would recommend you start with is the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. Not only is it simple to use, but it’s also priced at a budget level, so you can easily get lots of enjoyment from it, without breaking the bank, and learn about metal detecting as you go.

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Settings

Setting the sensitivity and discrimination is easy. If you’re starting, you can set it to detect all metal and turn the sensitivity up high, by pressing the toggle switch. Then the discrimination should be kept as low as possible, by turning the right dial to the left. You should also adjust the sensitivity, which is located on the left dial, and it’s best to set this to the centre. This should be enough for you to start detecting easily, and as you go, you can start to adjust the settings of the metal detector more, to get more accuracy from your hunt.

If you’re scanning the beach, you will want to have the discrimination set to as low as possible, and the sensitivity, as high as it can be without falsing. You might have to adjust this down, depending on how remote the beach is. If it’s a popular stretch of the beach, there may be many traces of discarded tin. But the more popular the stretch of beach, then the better chances you will have at finding that odd piece of lost gold or silver jewelry.

The settings for rural areas and parks will be different. Mainly because of the increase in discarded litter. Set you discrimination to roughly the middle of the knob, and your sensitivity a little bit from high. This will have to be adjusted, but you don’t want it too low, as parks and rural areas are some of the best places for coins, and gold.

How to use the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

You want to stand naturally, and have a good posture, as you might have a large area to cover, so staying comfortable is important. As you walk forward, swing the searchcoil a length of a couple of feet, and ensure you maintain a good rhythm. Keep the searchcoil approximately ½” above the ground, and be sure to overlap as you go, as it’s sometimes easy to miss lots of ground, if you aren’t overlapping across the complete area you are scanning.

The metal detector should be used vertically, and the coil kept horizontal. This means your arm has to cover most of the movement, and also don’t angle the coil when you reach to either the left or right side.

Once you get a positive tone signal, then you want to rescan the area, instead this time you use a crossing X movement. This will allow you to get a better and accurate reading, as sometimes you will find that you get false signals frequently from an area.

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Accessories

Every good metal detector enthusiast requires tools to do their job properly, and here is a list of the best accessories to use with the Bounty Hunter metal detector.


Sometimes you might be scanning an area which requires you to concentrate, and block out outside noises, as you listen for signal pickups. This is where using a set of headphones comes in handy. You can use the official Bounty Hunter headphones, as they are built to maximise the sound of any signals, and also be robust enough to handle the day to day rigours of metal detecting.

Carry Case

No matter if your new or experienced, keeping your metal detector safe and protected as you travel to sites, or when you store your detector is important. Instead of just placing it on the ground, you should invest in an official Bounty Hunter carry case. This will give you a piece of mind, and allow people to see you are taking this hobby seriously. It’s also great if you need to carry anything extra.

Pin pointer

Instead of just digging up large amounts of ground to try and find any detected metal, you should invest in a pin pointer. All you do is place it in the ground, and it will beep if it is close to your target. This saves you the headache of digging up mounds of dirt, and trying to scan each bit with your Bounty Hunter, to see if your treasure is there. Much quicker to just use an official Bounty Hunter pinpointer, and easier too.


Although batteries are cheap, depending on how often you’re using your Bounty Hunter, you might just eat through lots of batteries and cost yourself a small fortune. It’s easier to invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger. You’ll obviously save time instead of constantly travelling to the hardware store. We would recommend the CHARGER.

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Manual

If you’re looking for the official manual for the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV you can download it in pdf format here.

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