Fisher F2 Review

Fisher F2 Specifications

4 tone target ID

Multi target notch option

Sensitivity adjustment

Discrimination adjustment

Pinpoint button feature

6.5mm audio jack for headphones

Runs on 2 x 9V batteries

7.8 Khz operating frequency

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Fisher F2 Guide

Picking the best metal detector for beginners is easy, when you have such a range of great machines on the market, and you get products built by respected brand names such as Fisher. They have been making utility finding underground equipment since 1931, and have branched out this technology to retail metal detectors.

The Fisher F2 has one of the most intuitive LCD panel displays in all the beginner metal detectors. It has a 2 digit numeric value that shows up, which is indicated by the quality of the metal that the detector finds. This is not seen in other beginner metal detectors, and is one of the big selling points of this device. There is a large 8” concentric coil, which is also waterproof, so you can use this is small rivers and lakes.

Fisher F2 Settings

The Fisher F2 uses a 7.8khz operating frequency, so for detecting even in rough rural ground and at deep levels, is very easy. The depth indicator has 3 levels, which are about 2, 4, 6+ inches, and works very reliably align with the numeric counter. Depending on what type of metal you are searching for, you can set the discrimination settings to many different settings. This can be for iron, nickel, dime, foil, zinc, and you can also filter out specific ones too.

There is an on screen battery indicator that will also show you how long you have left to operate the machine at full strength. It does take 2 x 9v batteries, but they last for quite a few sessions. You are best to use rechargeable batteries though, they are much cheaper. Once you have your type of metal set, you can also adjust the sensitivity, and this will reduce the chance of showing any false positive matches, especially if you are in a inner city rural area, with lots of pipework.

How to use the Fisher F2

The Fisher F2 works in a similar way to other metal detectors. You want to make sure that the head coil is kept on a horizontal plane, and then as you swing it side to side (keep at at a comfortable arm length width) make sure that it stays on the horizontal plane, and don’t swing too fast. You want to go over ground in a continuous overlapping motion, allowing for even the smallest item to be found. You wouldn’t be the first person to miss valuable treasure by just a couple of feet.

Once you’ve selected the discrimination mode, for the type of metal you want to find, you’re good to go. You can use the noth button to deselect one or more of the metals from your choice, and really filter the settings to the way you want them. This means that even those that have used metal detectors before will be delighted by the amount of customizability there is with this machine.

Once you find your target, you can select pinpoint, to give you a more accurate depth  number reading too. Another feature that makes this metal detector stand out, is the different audible tones of each metal you metal. There is a small difference in tone, so you can really get familiar with an area while you’re combing it.

Depending on the type of environment your scanning, you will have to adjust your settings considerably. Scanning the beach will allow you to have your sensitivity high as possible, as there will be little or no underground cabling and very little litter, but beaches are a very popular place to find gold jewelry. Rural areas require different settings, with much more natural iron in the ground, as well as litter and underground pipework so you will have to adjust your discrimination settings, and lower your sensitivity a bit.

Fisher F2 Accessories

Rechargeable Batteries

While you can buy disposable batteries, they aren’t good for the environment, and cost much more than using rechargeable 9v batteries. You can get a good pack of Fisher F2 compatible batteries here, and you will also have to invest in a charger.

Fisher F2 11” coil

If you’re really going to be covering large amounts of ground, and you are an experienced metal detector, you will definitely want to invest in one of these bigger coils. You’ll be able to cut you scanning time down dramatically, and it doesn’t use the batteries much more than the standard size. You can purchase an 11” coil here.

Padded carry bag

To keep your Fisher metal detector in good condition, you will definitely need one of these padded carry bags. They won’t just hold your metal detector, they will also be able to hold and protect some of your other metal detecting tools, so you can just keep it in the car, ready for your next project inspiration.

Fisher F2 Manuel

You can download the official Fisher F2 manual in PDF format here.

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