Garrett Ace 150 Review

Garrett Ace 150 Specifications

Three detecting modes (Metal, jewelry, coins)

Push button controls (Power, Sensitivity, Mode)

Four Sensitivity Levels

Powered by four AA (alkaline or rechargeable) batteries

LCD display screen

Target ID legend

Coin depth indicator (2,4,6+ inches)

Weight: 2.7 pounds

Coil size 6.5 X 9 inches

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 150 Guide

Which metal detector is the best to start with? If you find yourself asking this, then you should definitely have a look at the Garrett Ace 150. This is a metal detector design to be very user friendly, with it’s intuitive LCD screen, and easy to understand settings, and detection. Garret are a reliable name in metal detectors, operating for more than 50 years, it’s a name to be trusted.

Using Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector is simple, press the power button, press the sensitivity button to the desired level (note the level on the LCD screen), and choose the proper discrimination mode by pressing the mode button. I personally don’t think there is a machine that is easier to operate while still getting great depth. What sets the Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector apart is the “coin depth indicator” and the “target ID legend” on the LCD screen. The coin depth indicator tells you how to deep the object is (2, 4, or 6+ inches) and the target ID legend attempts to tell you what the item is. This can be really helpful in determining what the item is before you dig it up!

Garrett Ace 150 Settings

You will first have to select which mode, and type of metal you want to search for. This can be either coins, jewelry, or all metal. This section is show on the left hand side of the LCD display. Using the coin or all metal mode will give you a wide range of results for finding items, while having the mode set to jewelry will filter out iron. There are 2 lines that will show under the type of metal, what exactly your current mode will find, but the good thing about the Garrett Ace 150, is that it will also show you what it has also found, even if you haven’t selected that mode, on the top line. This means the metal detector helps you stay flexible in your approach for the best treasure.

If you have the mode set to coins, and you’re looking for them, you will be pleased to see that this Garrett will show you the coin depth when it comes across any finds. This is shown on the right side of the LCD screen, and includes the options 2, 4, 6+ inches. This is a huge time saver, and a welcome addition to a beginner metal detector, as you will spend less time digging, and more time finding.

How to use the Garrett Ace 150

You will need to connect the Garrett Ace 150 together, and once you have, your ready to take it out into the field for hunting.

You will need to fit the batteries in, and you can expect between 20 to 40 hours of searching operation time. The batteries are kept in the housing, and it’s easy to slide off and fit the four that are required. If you don’t plan to use the metal detector for more than 30 days, then your best to remove the batteries to avoid the chance of any leaks.

You use the armband, and pick your spot, as well as nice day, and enjoy the tranquility and anticipation as you start to search for your next great find. To have the best chance of finding treasure and rare metals, you have to understand the settings.

The sensitivity settings should be adjusted to match the terrain you’re searching. You will want to have it set high if you are searching areas such as beach, as these areas will have minimum amounts of metal found in them. If you’re choosing to search rural parks and fields, then you might want to decrease the sensitivity, as there may be litter, and since iron can be found naturally in the ground, you don’t want false positives going off every few minutes.

Being able to select the right type of settings is something that you will constantly work with, and adjust to your expectations, as well as environment.

Keep the search coil approximately 1-2 inches off the ground, and move it gently from side to side, keeping the coil on a horizontal plane. You only want to move it a comfortable width left and right that your arm can reach. Remember that you will probably be spending a couple of hours doing this, so you want to use the metal detector in the most comfortable way possible.

Garrett Ace 150 Accessories

Garrett Control Box Cover

You can protect the main control panel of your metal detector with this velcro, and water proof material cover. It’s great for those tough weather condition, especially when you’re searching beaches and the wind is high. This has a tendency to get grains of sand everywhere, and the last thing you want is you metal detector malfunctioning. You can view it here.

Garrett Digging Pouch

A digging pouch is essential so you don’t just put things in your pocket. The Garrett digging pouch is 10” deep, and has a velcro opening, which makes it easy to open and place any finds in it, while you continue scanning the ground. It’s made with a shoulder strap, so can comfortably wear it, while you’re using your metal detector. Take a look at this essential kit here.

Garrett Edge Digger

To dig up your treasure you’ll need a quality little spade, and what better one than an official Garrett, that slips into a sheath, and clips nicely round your belt. This is another great addition to your metal detecting tools, and you can purchase one here.

Garrett Ace 150 Manuel

You can find the official PDF manual for the Ace 150 here.

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