Tesoro Compadre Review

Tesoro Compadre Specifications

One simple knob to control discrimination

Includes lifetime warranty

Uses one 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable battery

8 Inch coil

Weight is 2.2 lbs

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

Tesoro Compadre Guide

If you’re looking for an entry level metal detector that is perfect for beginners, then the Tesoro Compadre is perfect. One thing that stands out about this metal detector, is that it’s backed with a lifetime warranty. This is different from the Garrett metal detectors at entry level, which do not have that. It does only require 1 x 9 volt battery, and it lasts a long time, as there is no LCD panel to power. It is a VLF discriminator, which means it buzzes when there is movement over the treasure.

Tesoro Compadre Settings

The Compadre operates at a 12 khz frequency. This is almost double, compared to other metal detectors at this price range. This means it can search for metals and coins at greater depths, and even if the item is small, it will still be able to detect it. It uses a single discrimination mode for detection, so it’s easy to understand. You can select all metals, iron, as well as coins, and each of the settings are labeled on the knob.

How to use the Tesoro Compadre

As you are swinging it horizontally side to side, you want to ensure that you keep the coil head horizontal to the ground. This ensures that you are accurately covering the area you are sweeping, instead of angling the coil head, which will result in you missing areas, as the head needs to be 1-2 inches of the ground. Although there isn’t any depth indicator on this metal detector, it detects roughly up to 10 inches.

Although simple in functionality, in practise this is a great metal detector, and will even handle being placed under water, although the main control panel should not be placed under water. This is great if you are combine small rivers, or low tide beach shores.

Using the Compadre in rural areas is good though, although you will need to practise a few times on different settings, as you will definatly at first pick up discarded bottle tops, and other small bits of junk. If you want somewhere safe to practise, you can check out some childrens sand pits. These are often great places to find lost jewelry that parents have been wearing, and inadvertently dropped while playing with their children. You might not find any buried treasure, but that nice gold ring, or lost watch will feel just as good.

Tesoro Compadre Accessories

Garrett Headphones

The Compadre does have a 1/4 “ headphone, so you can get a specialized pair of headphones for metal detecting, just like this Garrett headphones set, and use these. This will keep you focused while you’re scanning the ground, and if you’re hunting in farm land, ensure the loud buzzes don’t frighten any animals there.

Hand held scoop

A tool that is especially handy to use with the Tesoro Compadre is a hand scoop. This is a strong plastic scoop that will allow you to lift up dirt and sand, and it has holes in the bottom so most of the ground sieves through. This means you can find your treasure quicker, and not get your fingers dirty, breaking of bits of dirt.

Tesoro Compadre Manuel

You can download the simple PDF manual for the Compadre here.

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